Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Interview with Michael Scondotto singer for The Last Stand

I always thought inhuman had schizophrenia with it's blend of all types of punk, metal, hardcore elements.... Is the last stand more of a straight up hardcore band or is the style going to be switched up?

Although Inhuman's schizophrenia will continue ( the next release will be BRUTAL) , yes, The Last Stand is absolutely more of a straight up Hardcore band for sure, on purpose. TLS exists for simple reasons - to play real HARDCORE, put out records, play shows and have fun. I look at Dion, Steve and Jimmy as my brothers having known them for ages so it is a good vibe.

Does anyone joke if this is a sequel to shutdown since it's the same band but with a different scondotto as the frontman?

You know, this is only the 2nd TLS interview ever so no one has called us a sequel band yet, ha! But, this is not a sequel since Shutdown has not broken up. TLS is a real band on it's own and will not do any Shutdown or Inhuman material. Just new songs and of course, covers of HC classics.

With a 7 inch already being released ... Is there a full length already in the works?

The 7" is the demo with an extra track called "Change", which was recorded the same time as the 4 songs on the demo, but left off of it. We may have had a premonition though, as we left it off because we knew we wanted it on a 7" and sure enough, it will be! No full length in the works as of yet, but we will soon have enough songs for one. Hopefully sometime in 2011.

Will the last stand primarily play on the east coast or will you hit the road and tour elsewhere?

For now, East Coast, but we will go as far as we are asked to play. Will this band tour? Absolutely.

How would you say the nyhc / punk scene is right now?

I think it is honestly pretty good. It could be and has been worse, that is for sure. Cb's is gone and missed dearly, but there are places taking chances on HC shows like the Bowery Electric, Webster Hall, The Gramercy Theatre. And smaller Brooklyn spots like The Rock Star Bar, Union Pool etc. We need a few more smaller spots in Manhattan proper though.

What bands do you think people should be on the lookout for?

Newish stuff - a band from Mass called The Rival Mob, PA's Mother of Mercy and Stick Together and a band from not sure where Product of Waste. As far as bigger bands go - Sick of It All, Agnostic Front, Madball, Terror - my 4 faves. Also very glad to see back - Sheer Terror and Breakdown!

If you were a tree falling to the ground what public figure would you fall on and crush to death and why?

Kim Jong-il or Osama Bin Laden. A tie for either of those guys. No celebrity deserves death in my opinion - we made them.

Place your forthcoming goals here!!!!

I'd like for TLS to play a ton of shows, get the 7" out for February and eventually make a full length. I'd like for myself to get a real job and be happy.
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