ad dec

Contacts helped people see
Sun made humans develop thicker skin
Alligator people
Parachuting to cool off for a few minutes
Perms and the effect on hair
Learning the techniques of tying knots
Nautical diversions
Homeless and the redefinition of the meaning of home
Asking and Begging become one in the same
Wandering became a journey
Shaving off layers of ice
Add flavor

Indigenous to a certain location
Relocation and the effects that manifest
Honesty tangled in lies
Perfused with graph lines
Figuring out where you are on a chart
Demographics and judgement

Scientific Explosion
Radioactive Insects
Robotic Invasions
UFO paper plates
Heroes and the woman they save
Everything will attack the earth
What will the final outcome be?

As the circle grew bigger
I couldn't find a comfortable place to stand
I stood outside while the expansion occurred
Observing the events and recording all the changes
Feeling like a scientist and a psychiatrist
with no degree but practicing
Watching flowers blossom and rocks crumble
Can people be associated to dogs
Training must occur for proper etiquette
Bunny ear methods for tying laces
Pan drippings turn into gravy
These aren't magic tricks
Just learning tools
Follow the trail of reeses pieces
Pavlov's law
Rendering pixels in everyday life
Initial movement of a fly taking of backwards
Association through characteristics of the seven dwarves
Substitution of the word smurf with nouns and verbs
Tinkering doesn't mean you know how to fix something
Apparently booze makes you think you are more intelligent
I need to start recording my own conversations
Irreverent babble
Timing wasn't right
Just missed the train

Time to scoop out some brains and make a sundae
top it with intestines and a eyeball
French manicures and the blending of two different colors
Hands raise in the air
Who will be picked first
Kangaroo gurus
Pockets filled with vast knowledge
Sentries and the broken all seeing eye
Pyramids crumble over the years
Arial maps
What is under the sea we should worry about
What we can't see will hurt us
Profanity and the art of using it
Roller coaster high
Vilification towards a bee
Now we know how much we need them
Circle of life becomes a triangle
Rough turns ahead
Combustion of earthly possessions
Pancakes don't flip on their own
Ingredients don't just fall into place
Pursuit of a matching button
Previous encounters
Remembering how the first one transpired
Revealing untold truths
Watching reactions uncoil
The face can be stretched to hide wear and tear
Warped hidden sense of age
Adulterated folly
Playing hide and seek with mortality
Then raffle off the rest

Taking a test determining comprehension
Balls bounce mind wanders out the window
Rather be eating toast with butter
Time has seen it's wear and tear on the universe
Earth has became a roller coaster that hasn't been maintained properly so casualties will soon find itself put into the mix
Cobwebs drape and people can't appreciate it's beauty
Designs so delicate and intricate
Everything takes long to create
and seconds to be destroyed

The Earth is a beast of it's own design
Fit to live and grow
While destroying what just followed suit
Should we continue to build the deck of cards
Trying to find a ace in the design
To block the club from knocking it down
Every one will speak of a diamond in the rough
but my heart remains full
as my face becomes flushed
Trying to walk the straight and narrow
Even though we can not be the same kind
all of the time but there is a chance to fold up the paper
that you had drawn on and bow out gracefully
Eat some chips
Tomorrow can be a more fruitful endeavor

Riding aboard a blue caterpillar
Visiting Museums filled with rare oddities
Catching flying hotdogs with pool skimmers
Building shrines to Liberace
Coping with underdog symptoms
Ghosts hunting the living
Go to a movie theatre in the summer
to escape the heat
Heart beating in a different rate
Eyeballs glazed over with mucus
Last breath was said with a name
Romance died that day
Sexual revolution was born soon after
TV's introduced our generation and created mindless zombies
Computers tried to be the remedy
Piecing together a broken life
Randomizing the system
See what works and what fails
Porcelain endeavors
Editing your own stories
Including some fabrication
Attracting audiences
Selling out every seat
Taking home a smile

Make Up Cake
Facial beautification using paint by numbers
Sacrificial payments for reconstruction
Pondering youthful poses
Using a scale of percentages
Artificial in more ways than one
Shelves fill with trophies
So does dust

Close my eyes
Flooding with mucus
Steam everything
Even Old Men
No shame
Walk around naked
Donut holes
and the sugar that surrounds it
Entering new eras
while still playing hacky sack
Farmers raise, extract and slaughter
Never stopping in a circular path
Someone must have been hungry
when they said the moon was
made out of cheese
I wish I could see them break their teeth
while eating rocks
Selfish thoughts and ambitions
Talent is always passed aside for looks
Everyone needs a stylist
Traveling light
Hardly traveling
Hiding behind a veil
Changing perceptions and depth
Emotions along side building blocks
Two year olds stampede and knock them over
Character assassination
and a world at lost
Previous episodes
Pilots that never ran
Cockeyed irreverence
Pin everything down
but you're allowed to get lost sometimes

"ba daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
Circuses and the freaks they entertain
Hot dog Explosions
and waves of malnutrition
Cardboard surfaces
Center of a line
Proactive cranial activities
Thirsty melodies produces wasteful notes
Arriving in third person
Gleeful Reaction
Texting a warning
Taking back with a use of legal force
Science fiction
and a jury of Trekkies
Tofu Mattresses
and a sinking feeling
Dinosaurs evolved and will come back
after the next ice age
In the meantime
Curries will keep our bellies warm and
everything surrounding us smelling funny

"Timing nothing right"
Cramming whatever is left into my pockets
Waste is set in buckets
Eaten by pigs
Closing off highways
Jamming up city streets
Possible overflow into oceans
Practice swimming due to disasters
Compiling of oxygen
Government workers setting up shop on different worlds
Creation of another race
Tracking down chemicals
Coordination Complex
Bonding people together
Pigeon hole principles
Following a exception
Hair Follicles and it's phases
Particle rendering
Imploding of the mind
Copying machines and the loss of a original image
Reflection through black plastic
Remembering past events
Crowding a garden
Roots intertwine
Invasion of power walkers
Rascal Scooters
Epic Battles in city parks
Grappling hooks and sorting out prizes
Taking everything literally
Watching as we fall
Making a new flag
Designs and it's flaws
Words and their mispronunciations
Calling out for Help
Everyone was in their own routine
to stop for a moment to hear that one word

"Train and bus was in sync today"
The burger whispered sweet onions into my ear
regarding burning plastic on radiators
closing gates but security scrutinized
Don't even want to look at the pictures anymore
Deletion and the saving of chemicals
Raging internally
Cooped up like a bird
Personal choices
Congruent pose with the mirror
Possible time travel with thoughts
Dreams unarguable
Pie wars
Cream on a distraught face
Moon eclipsed
slowing down speech patterns
Dirt moving a inch per hour
Conversation lacks with no new information
creation of new words every day
defining interlacing thoughts
Competition of one
Gold melted down into coin
hidden in brick
smashing it out with a jump
gameplay the reasoning behind it

Fresh vegetables coming out ear canals
Placing bad habits in front of a moving train
problem solvers with a magnifying glass
Tooth picks and the houses built with them
I cannot afford to blame a Luchador
Hiding in a paper bag
Waiting for a signal
Beeping uncontrollably
Rant to a dish towel while removing dirt
Rectangles in a square
Circles in a triangle
Teacups with Humans sitting inside them
Rhapsody inverted
Tuning out airwaves
Everything can be bought in pennies

Everything was obtuse then became meaningless
Dust Particles taking a ride on a busy highway
Hemorrhoidal interludes
Two well known Pluto's
Loss of gravity from tripping
Zero tolerance from juggling
Robotic interventions
Fantasy and it's accompaniment
Role playing with dice and rubber hammers
Milk wanting to take the place of Jesus
zip ties holding pants up at the wrong time
multiple choices labeled on a pianos keys
Interlacing apartments
Going the route via gutter
Rubber balls trying to commit suicide
Impalement of onions, peppers and meat
Stains of a different nature

Meditation Frustration
Caroling with bee hive Wigs on backwards
Getting hit in the ear with a snowball
Ringing and a cold burning sensation
Robbing the last bit of Karma
Seeds stuck in between teeth
Growing a inch in a year
Solutions in graph paper
Tic Tac Toe
Arrogant lines
Personal Fairies granting wishes
Became a form of seduction
Blurry attitude
Fragrance sparring with memories
Regret putting quarters in meters
Basting a ticket
Hoping it won't burn
Tapping into emotions
Flowing out of ducts
Fiction caramelized
How many toppings is enough
String hanging from spools
Teaching kids how to bob for apples
Art of War and the torture that proceeds
Minutes are numbers
Multiplication of events
Divided by inconsistent actions
Add in all movements
and Subtract fabricated stories
Knock the clock off the shelf
Rotation of arms stop
Loss of time and space
Should have had a parachute

Never clip a butterflies wings
because they revert back to being caterpillar with less legs
Garbage bag Parachutes and homeless jumpers
Panic at yellow street lights
Brain skipping over important details
French Fries dipped in a mixture of Mayo and Ketchup
Training elephants how to dance
Mini earthquakes and suction cups applied to the forehead
Making a bed out of cotton balls and fabric
Tokens and the service they provide
Using a fork to get rid of a itch
Can't our bodies provide a natural lotion
Doing nothing and how it bothers the thinking process
traveling with skis and not making it through a door properly
The laughter can creep up behind you pretty quickly
Sabotage a cane
Erasing everything you create
What really needs to be hidden?
Trapped in a drawer with random knickknacks
Rather be in a junkyard

"Honey, Nuts and Goats"
No energy
Feels like a lack of oxygen and light
Dwelling in a cave for the holidays
Told a speech but it was a farce
Fighting with Bamboo sticks before gnawing on them
Sensory overload with a 7 layer dip
Repeating a sentence several times and not realizing it
apparently you wanted to get the point across
Water flows down the side of the mountain
Last escape left in erosion
Bubbles pop randomly
Sinks have traffic too
Leftovers go down the drain
Happy trails to you

I've been stuck on a number like glue
it is 296.2
Like a soul stuck in limbo
Mentally sober but should be in rehab
Coconuts crack open and become shaved
Testing on astronauts to see if they can hold their food down
Meanwhile we should send a kid to outer space
Can be a new reality show since that's what TV is becoming
Creativity down the tube
All Improv and supposed unscripted scenarios
Bartering for a spinoff
Who can become chief of the tribe
Tailored clothes on someone thin
Then let the heavy person put it on for more ratings
Tearing the last fabric left in the universe
Creating the alternate
Rebels fight for what they believe in what's right
Freedom and it's Logo
Someone is selling it on a Tee Shirt and making a profit
Detailing cars when you are older
Stemmed from models when you were younger
Passion and the driving force
Seeds passed on beginning to sprout and grow
Forests turn into Jungles
Take a step back in time before we move even more further
Technology monitored
Outlets branching off to multiple devices
Energy consumption
and the losing of resources
Society never will become one
Governments should stop creating tragedies
The world is a handicap ramp
Struggling to reach the top
Simple to reach the bottom in no time
Crown whoever you want
Difference and change comes from within
Everybody is programmed and can over ride the protocol
Testing in labs don't help
and millions will agree to disagree
Rocking for hours in a chair
staring into oblivion
Future was predestined
Carved into walls of the past
Reasons why we keep digging
To find out what we already known
Maury Says it the best "You are not the Father"

"Fishing for Toast"
Morning time and it's tasty treats
Sugar filled to rot your teeth
Lots of Vitamins to start your day
Eggs get beaten by boxers yay!!
Coffee, Juice, Hot then Cold
Bacon and Sausage meats so Bold
Hash Browns,Oatmeal, Cereal, and Pancakes
All of them I would eat
Morning time and it's tasty treats

All I want to do is hover weightless like I was in space
gravity and defiance
Becoming a balloon for a child's Birthday
Fancy until I have to pee
Then I can be let go and hide in the clouds
That isolated rain storm was me

I can stare at wood floors all day
It's not like I find it entertaining
My eye's just get fixated on patterns
I wonder how many trees were used for
the construction of this building?
When will they come to take their revenge?

"into the White and coming out Black"
Persistence and the urge to try
sifting rice pudding with your teeth
the day looks beautiful but messy at the same time
feeling the texture of all types of hair
professional meltdown
accompany the fish for a late night swim
the school was way to fast and was waiting for you to sink
deeper and deeper you go
the more you sink everything becomes lost
then found around ancient treasures
Buried is what most things become
everything should be shown and dusted off
Clutter becomes mazes and getting lost is the ultimate mission

Cataloging all thoughts on paper
in some sort of strange order
apparently it is not going in a certain timeline
pasting words on sides of buildings
and public landmarks
trying to get some notoriety
without paying a fine
maybe Wearing a argyle sweater will just do fine
4.10.07 F.P.

PVC pipes
and high powered air compressors
underground networks
sending mail faster then the internet
4.10.07 F.P.

"the world looks like a giant Lite brite toy from outer space"
Bake those Shrinky dinks in the oven
and give me a new background to put my colorforms on
create a whole town using playdough
and legos
the weebles lived just outside of that town in cardboard boxes
streets paved with art provided by comic books art taken from silly putty and stretched over the whole city
4.10.07 F.P.

believing everything you heard was in fact true
the demons did dance like ballerinas in rice pudding to the music of public enemy
We have found a cure for stupidity
they are called books
Houses made of feces and mud
and the storm took many lives
but also gave them a new place to spit out their tobacco

"Injuring your toenail"
breaking up leaves to smoke them always amazed me.
What extent people will go to for products that induce you mind to go somewhere else.
ingesting something that is not really meant to be taken to change your outlook on things.
I would think someone would invent some type of glasses to change the way the world looks through series of light capturing devices that manipulate the rate of time of when the beam hit you and refracts it into prisms that will change every piece of furniture around you to talking, living , breathing friends to a empire gone wrong.
Placing magnets in opposite directions won't create the next big boom. polished thoughts isn't going to help out a civilization that need to decipher markings on cave walls to move on to the next day. I stop for a moment and scratch the top of my head. Wondering what is pulling us toward oblivion. As dogs run wild while we sit next to poles with our leashes attached and the sun hits high noon and burns the back of or next lets swim in a ocean of tanning oil and let our skin become the same texture of a alligator while eating small creatures whether amphibian or mammal and growl at cars in traffic. Shut doors with our mighty tails and polish tiny metal train trains until you can see yourself clearly. All aboard. Last train to Sanity Boarding.
4.10.07 -F.P.

"the solution left me in tears"
if life made no sense
if feet made no sound when we walked
if blood smelled like chocolate
if smoke didn't drift in my direction
if carrying a 5 pound bag of flour teaches you a lesson
if praying can shift the order of the universe
if stories always ended in a tragedy
if the pages could just come to life
Would we create or fabricate a answer

"my homage"
I heard the laughs
the snide comments and remarks
as I proceeded past cells
with no emotion apparent on my face
I heard the screams of horror
as some remember the way we met
situations were never friendly
I saw the file cabinets fill
the names and the stories that make a new identity
as I stay in the shadows as the night falls

"a faucet dripping can imitate the sound of rain"
The lines in my face are starting to show my age
but the acne is still proving me to be immature
I used to claim the night to be when I was awake and alive
now work has made that the time when I need sleep the most
mind trying to cancel out the aches and pains
but the body keeps the body screaming silently
I am the motor ready to seize
the water that evaporates when boiled
the train hasn't reached it's last stop
keep the coal burning

=Part 18=
crosses hung around necks
like you are faithful to your god
All the excuses won't help you find your way to another plain
greatness is only achieved when you can prove that you can suffer
time line challenges
rainbow visions
not crumbling crackers in soup today
rather use croutons
use them as floating explosives
grab some toys ships
heat is making the plastic melt
it feels like a real battle took place
verify the date
go on with the routine