Thursday, June 23, 2011

Interview With Soul Khan

Can you tell is a bit about your history? What got you into the rap ? How
did your name originate? How did you become part of brown bag all stars?

I was born from a womb of maggots and rusted iron. I got into rap because nature hurled me into it. My name was taken from an old episode of Family Feud. I became a part of Brown Bag AllStars just as any of them did, by working at Fat Beats with the crew.

What are some of the messages you want to get across with your music? Tell us a bit about your new e.p.?

To the listeners, I wish to tell them that there is something worth hanging onto in life. To the rappers, I wish to tell them that this is hell and there is no escape except through surrender. The new EP, Acknowledgement. It is about self-worth, mine and yours.

What Kind of jobs have you done over the years to get by?

None that include the words, "hand," "blow," and "rim." Therefore, I consider myself luckier than many in the world.

If you were main character in a slasher flick how would you off your first

I would look directly into the camera and say to the audience, "Movies cost more than twelve dollars and you're still spending such a sum on this piece of shit? Fuck it, I'd rather kill myself than live among such idiots." And then I'd just commit seppuku.

What can we be expecting from you in the upcoming months?

The rapture, just sans salvation and only women will float out of their clothes. Aside from that, more EPs, another album, touring the planet, and other Herculean feats.

Soul Khan

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