Friday, January 27, 2012

Interview with Jacques LaMore from The Projection

Can you tell us bit about yourselves and the history of the bands beginnings? What first got you into punk music? Have you ever toyed with any other genres?

Jacques started the band when he was 13 and the band was originally called “The Other Way”. We were just 6th grade kids with one horrible original song and playing shitty renditions of Green Day covers. We became The Projection in 2005 because fans accused us of being gay for calling ourselves "The Other Way". In 2006 we put out our first EP "Never Too Early, Always Too Late" and in 2008 we released our first full length "Thanks For Caring". All along the way playing many shows. Since then, there have been many different members but The Projection keeps moving along trying to make their mark.

“My older brother Josh first got me into punk music when I was around 9 or 10. He was 4 years older than me and started a band of his own. He slowly started teaching me how to sing and play bass. Later, I started teaching myself guitar. At that time, albums like The Offspring’s “Americana”, Green Day’s “Nimrod” and “Warning”, Blink-182’s “Enema of The State”, and MxPx’s “The Ever Passing Moment.” Came out. And I picked up on it right away. I’ve been hooked ever since. The Projection is the only band I’ve ever played in. I’ve never tapered with another genre other than being involved with musicals and chorus in high school. I do enjoy many other types of music. My second love is swing/Jazz. Like Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin.”– Jacques

“At the end of my sixth-grade year my two best friends and I traveled to see Simple Plan at the state fair. My first punk rock show was a crazy memory. Ever since I’ve been jamming stuff like blink-182, new found glory, etc. I like to listen to a variety of genres but have mainly stuck with playing punk/pop-punk.” -Travis

What has been the highlight for you guys so far since you’ve been performing?

Without a doubt, playing The Kevin Says Stage at The Vans Warped Tour in 2008 was a very eye opening experience. All the bands on that tour really work their asses of and we got the real taste of what the music industry is really like. I would say our latest highlight over the past year has been working with our producer/engineer Enoch Jensen from Eastlake Recording Studio in Massachusetts. Enoch has worked with major cats in the Industry and has become a topnotch producer/engineer himself. He really brought the best out of us when recording our new album “While You Were Out.” Enoch is very professionally but also layed back and knew exactly how to craft us to bring us our polished sound.

Also, just playing any kind of show or party with all different kinds of bands and meeting new fans. That’s always a highlight. Especially when some of those bands are doing well for themselves now.

If you had a giant pinata what would you fill it with?

Could we just make a giant piƱata made out of pizza instead? And then fill it with pretzel M&Ms?

What do you think it is that you got that would help music lovers relate and will fish you out of this ocean filled with artists?

We think it’s the fact that we stand out from newer wave pop-punk bands. We have more of an old school pop-punk flavor to us but, with just tiny little twists here and there. Almost like a flashback to the late 90s/early 00s but new!

Give us a truck stop road recipe that you had to create while desperately hungry?

Granola bars and Pop-Tarts.

What should we expect from The Projection in the near Future?

Expect a new, addicting pop-punk record from us, touring the U.S, and Sumo wrestling on Tuesday’s nights starting next week!


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