Monday, November 5, 2012

Interview with The Pilgrims

photo on left by Taylor K. Long
Give us the Backstory of The Pilgrims? 

Davis: Like most of the core What Doth Life guys, Chris G.,Brendan and I had played together in various capacities since 2002 or so. Pilgrims finally came about due to our mutual desire to work on some straightforward, no-bullshit rock and roll material that wasn't completely bone-headed. Lovingly-crafted drinking and dancing music. We also lived together at first, which was a big help. Chris Egner showed up at our local bar not to long after we'd parted ways with our first drummer, and things felt right from then on out.

Egner: I wasn't around for the first incarnation of the Pilgrims, but I did see them in 2011 at Newbury Comics for Record Store Day. In the back of my mind I thought, "Hey, these guys are pretty good, but I think they'd be better if I were on drums." Then a few weeks later I happened to be at the bar in Windsor and met Brendan and ended up going to back to jam with him and a couple others that night (which is the story of how I joined Derek and the Demons). He mentioned that the Pilgrims were looking for a new drummer, so a couple weeks later I tried out and they asked me a join too.

What is one Fun Fact about each of the members?

Davis: Chris Goulet speaks Wookie. Brendan punched a train. Twice. Chris Egner is the leader of the free world. My CPR certification expired years ago. Chew your food. 

Tell us a bit about the tracks on your new album "It's not Pretty"?

That Gold - Love the noir bent of the lyrics. I scream for 8 measures in the outro. Did you catch the nod to Crazy Train?
Bad Crazy - Sexual frustration paralleled with congressional gridlock and a time-tested car metaphor. 
Glue - Everyone falls in love with women on T.V. 
Be Alarmed - My favorite Goulet lyrics, hands down. 
Snow Storm - True story. 
Idiots Abroad - Nostalgia's tough. 
Cool - "We're gonna slow things down for you folks." 
Philibuster - Now for a song largely about Brendan. 
Static - Don't try to drink yourself into an epiphany. 
American Eyes - Hey, a song about girls 
Bronski - The Tin Drum is worth reading. 
State of Green - We're from Vermont. 
St. Paul - in Westerberg.

Who did the art for the It's not pretty CD? 

Egner: Davis did it all on a pizza box. Not sure what toppings were on the pizza.

Davis : I did. There's an alternate cover that may appear someday as EP or single art.

What was your favorite toy that you were obsessed with in your younger years? Do you wish you still own it? 

Davis: LEGO-maniac. Chris G. and I used to build massive spaceships. Yes, I still own several tupperwares full. 

Egner: My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures. When I was in high school my mom donated them all without asking me, along with most of my other toys. I still haven't been able to forgive her. 

Brendan: Absolutely, GI Joes. I still have at least 100 in a container in my parents basement along with multiple vehicles, a huge box of weapons and command center. I don’t get rid of anything and they still are the best toy ever.

Out of all the people that our running for presidency who are you considering to vote for?What do you like most about them? 

Davis: Larry Frisoli. I shouldn't need to explain this. 

Egner: Still undecided. 

Brendan: I’m going to answer honestly. I’m voting Green Party. Or Hulk Hogan… still undecided.

Where would be your dream place to play a show? 

Davis: Babelsburg Studios in Berlin, surrounded by old Fritz Lang sets. 

Egner: The Mos Eisley cantina on Tatooine. 

Brendan: My apartment.

If someone was visiting your home town and you were giving them a tour where would you bring them? 

Davis: Pizza Chef. 

Egner: Dan & Whits.

Brendan: Ascutney cemetery, Mt Ascutney, Miriams African Restaurant.

What are your expectations or plans for the pilgrims for the next few years? 

Davis: We have a five-point plan: 1. Rock and roll. 2. Parties 3. Another album 4. Space tourism? 5. Elbow grease 

Egner: To continue to making music that people like enough to pirate on foreign download sites. 

Brendan: I’m trying not to plan, but I think we are going to have a new album out by next summer and open for an awesome 70s rock band at Meadowbrook in New Hampshire. After that, I think the band will die happily.

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