Tuesday, August 6, 2013

So many months pass in the blink of a eye

     So as I'm listening to the new album by The Pilgrims, I start thinking to myself , "I haven't put up anything on my blog in a long ass time". In May the www.postmortemremains.com Domain name was going to expire. I get a email with this ridiculous fee to keep it. I opted out and just kept it as the blogspot address. I think this is also when my brain lost inspiration. I sent out a bunch of interviews to get done by some pretty cool bands. But alas none of the them responded to me and then I just started losing interested in doing anything with this site and started getting addicted to a bunch of apps on my Ipad.

     Fast forward to July. Matt Mazur and I had planned to release a split Cassette for our existing music projects for a while. Now it has become a reality.

    I am so happy with how this came out. I only have about 20 cassettes out of the 50 left and 12 out of the 100 cd's still available. So if anyone is interested email me otherwise you can download them for free off of our bandcamp pages. I really want to thank Matt for doing this with me. I love The Caring Babies and the new songs are incredible. I also want to thank Adora Lee for collaborating with me on two of the tracks for my my side.
     I also did another Collaboration with my friend Burle recently. I would like to share. I always loved when we would hang out and he would break into random thought or rants. This is a little spoken word piece I got to add some sounds too.

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