Monday, February 28, 2011

Interview with Canterbury

Tell us about where your from and how it influenced you to start creating music?

We're from around the Hampshire/Surrey area in the South of England. There's some pretty awesome festivals around here like Reading Festival for example which was a big driving force behind wanting to be in a band and make music.

How would you describe your experiences so far being together as a band?

Awesome, testing, exhausting, energizing, depressing, uplifting, tiring and rewarding.

Who is your Idol in the Music industry and if you had a chance to meet that person what would be the first question you would ask them and why?

We've all got different people we look up to, that's a tough one, no answer sorry.

Have you ever played in the US / If not would you ever tour over here? Where would you want to play the most?

We've never played in the US no, but we're making plans at the moment to hopefully get over there in the not too distant future. We don't really know the States all that well so it's hard to say where we'd want to play the most. According to our online statistics most of our American fans are based in California, so around there.

Have you ever had a onstage embarrassing moment? if so what would that be?

Plenty, most famously, Mike passed out once, Luke tripped backwards over a monitor and fell flat on his back and as a result of an end of tour prank when on tour with Billy Talent Scott started playing a show once to find talcum powder pouring out of his hi-hats.

What would you like everyone to know about you guys to make them listen to your music?

It's always tough trying to convince people to listen to your music with your words, it's just good catchy, some times danceable, a lot of the time singalong-able, rock music. We like it a lot and you can currently download our debut album for free from Canterbury so go hear it for yourself!


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