Monday, March 7, 2011

Interview With Roch

Can you give us a look inside your mind by giving us some insight behind the tracks on Light Weight Bi Polar Mania?

Inside my mind huh? Well the tracks on Lightweight Bipolar Mania happens to be my first completed solo project. It displays my ability to sing haunting soundscapes, R&B, Hip-Hop, jazzy riffs, to more Alternative edgy Rock influenced sound and rap. Being that I love most genres of music and all my emotions from my experiences in life helped me write and choose the production for the album, I named it Lightweight Bipolar Mania. I feel like we all suffer from an acute case of Bipolar Mania. My life or emotional roller coaster I like to call it is reflected through my music. With that said my struggle for a balance with my ups and downs fuels my music.

Growing up what groups influenced you the most?

What didn't influence me! I loved sneaking through my parents stuff and finding CDs, tapes and even 4 tracks I'd play in my dads 79 Lincoln town car. Anything I could get my hands on. Otis Redding, The Beatles, The Mighty Sparrow, Temps, and my fav, Jimmy Hendrix all played a major part!

If you could go inside books like Gumby which book would you enter and why?

I've alway, always wanted to be in a character in a Dr. Seuss book like Horton Hears a Who or Green Eggs And Ham. The way he rhymes, and frequent use of trisyllabic meter is so appealing to me. His characters are drawn with such a unique style. The best!

What was the main reason for going solo after being in groups for many years?

Well being in a 8 man super human group, ThunderHut didn't allow me to make as many decisions as I wanted to. I needed to be able to be free and be to make any type of music I wanted to. All though being in ThunderHut made me into the artist I am today!! I fucking love those dudes and will always make music with them. Their my brothers for life!!!

How would you describe your song writing process?

The writing process for me is difficult some times. I draw inspiration for the lyrics and the dynamics of each song primarily from my current emotional status hens the tittle Lightweight Bipolar Mania. I'm an emotive writer. I love to write in my mind when I'm doing everyday normal things like brushing my teeth, showering, on the pot, cooking ect... I use past experiences, movies and interpret my dreams for concepts for songs. A little relaxation and herbal remedies help as well *WinkWink*

What are you goals for this 2011?

My goals for 2011 is to better solidify my persona in the minds of my audience. I want people to connect with me not through just hearing my music but through the visual experience of seeing me not only an artist but as a human being first and foremost. I'm also looking forward to connecting with my audience on a bicoastal level and potentially on an international level as well. Continuing to develop as an artist and experimenting with new sounds and ideas. Im also pursuing collaborations with other artist of different sounds to expand my musical horizons.

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