Sunday, May 1, 2011

Interview with Candice Douglas ( A Rising Star)

Who is Candice and what do you have to offer the world?

I am Candice Douglas. I like to keep things positive and jolly. You know what they say; a little goes a long way. I think that I could offer the world a smile! I hope to someday have one little smile stretch across the globe. Passed along to brighten someone else's day one person at a time.
I love to sing songs and compose original music. It's really my passion in life. I'm aged 33 years and still not perfect!

Have you released any of your music? If so where could we find it? Also is there any tuba solos in any of the songs you compose?

I have a couple of original songs up on my Soundcloud. (Hehehe that name makes me envision a cloud filling up with sound about to burst into a heavy rainfall of song.) I've composed a couple more multi-track recordings on my computer which I plan on releasing soon. I also have a myspace which has old karaoke recordings Candice Douglas on Myspace. As for tuba solos... I haven't tried my luck on any yet, but I do come up with some great tunes when I'm in the tub! I plan on recording an album in my bathroom someday.

What's your soundcloud pages address?

Candice on Soundcloud

What are your thoughts on animal abuse? Have you abused any animals as of late?

My thoughts on animal abuse? I'll tell you that it's a very sensitive subject for me. I've seen my fair share of documentaries about the way humans take advantage of the poor little things. It's heart wrenching and stomach turning what human beings are capable of. My opinion is to leave animals alone unless you are going to treat them like gold. As far as abuse of animals myself? Well I like to throw my cat in the air and catch her like a baby. She isn't physically hurt by this, but I think she gets a bit humiliated. Also, I ALMOST ran over a squirrel the other day, and probably squashed a few frogs when it was raining... whoops!

I hear you are getting married? How is that going?

OH yes yes yes!!! The marriage is my favorite thing to talk about as of late. We were thinking of having a fall wedding, but this morning Ned called me up and said that he didn't want to wait that long, and begged to get the ball rolling for early summer! Our colors are red, white, blue and PURPLE! how zany right?! I've saved myself for this moment and I'm really very nervous about the wedding night but also so excited!

What is your vision of the perfect Ice cream sundae?
A perfect ice cream sundae would start with the purest of vanilla ice cream. I'm talkin' very real simple ingredients: cream, sugar, and vanilla. It would then have some hot fudge drizzled all around the sides and a few zig zags over the top followed by mounds and mounds of fresh real whipped cream and pralines!!! I know it doesn't sound too elaborate, but it's the quality that counts for me.

If you were to make a mix of music someone what would be the top 5 songs/artist you would begin it with?

Oh what a question. I would take a very long time deciding since I do enjoy making personal mixes. The artists would probably include:

Roy Orbison
Marylin Manson
Dolly Parton
Crazy Town
Ringo Starr

Maybe you just inspired me to make a new playlist!

How are you going to obtain world domination?

Teehehe world domination. A dust bunny behind a church door I began, and a dust bunny I will become. In between I plan to grace the earth with kindness, and be the best Candice I can be!


  1. awsome stuff C.D

  2. I honestly really see her going right to the top!

  3. OMG! WE Love you Candice! OMG your the best and prettiest! love your music its like angles singing to little humming birds on a nice warm summer day. lol <3 UR FANZ