Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Interview with David McWane From Big D and the Kids Table

Who are the members of Big D and the Kids Table and what roles do they play in the band?

On the new record, For The Damned, The Dumb & The Delirious, we had…

David McWane - Vocals
Steve Foote - Bass Guitar, Ukelele
Nick Pantazi - Guitar
Derek Davis - Drums
Ryan O’Connor - Saxophone, melodica
Chris Lucca - Trumpet
Paul E. Cuttler - Trombone
Daniel Stoppelman - Trumpet
Kyle M. Bagley - Trombone
Sean P. Rogan - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Gabe Feenberg - Accordion
Anthony Carone - Piano / Organ
Paul Dussault - Baritone Saxophone
Gabe Rossi - Fiddle
Sirae Richardson - Vocals
Hayley Jane - Vocals
Brianne Finn - Vocals

Within the 14 years of playing music what would be some of your highlights and downfalls you have experienced along the way?

I would say some of the best highlights of being in Big D and the Kids Table are traveling to different countries, that I would never be able to go other wise, hearing that our music has helped people through tough times in their lives and how much my folks, sisters and high school friends like that I play in a band. They feel special when you get them in for free and give them free beer.

What do you think is missing from the music scene in this current day of age?

I do feel bad for kids these days with music. When I was young, bands were celebrated for being odd, avant-garde and different. Yet today it seems bands are more applauded for being the same, playing the game, with the goal of just trying to make the most poppy catchy chorus they can. The art is missing. The ‘fuck you, this is who I am’ is gone. Everything has gone the way of Disney and tweens and what I mean by that is - bands seem to write music for a younger audience, rather then writing about adult matters, that then young kids feel daring to be listening to. Also when I was young if you sold out that was a bad thing, while today you have to sell out just to be out there playing. Musicians are now vehicles for companies to sell products. If you don’t have an endorsement deal and/or a commercial, than you haven’t made it yet. It’s a shame; I like the artsy days of music more.

If you could be any animated cartoon character who would it be and why?

Either Roger Rabbit, so I could be married to his girl Jessica or Archer from Archer, because he seems to have a fun life.

Tell us about your forthcoming release ‘For the Damned, the Dumb, and the Delirious’ What can we expect? Can you tell us a bit about the songs?

This record is a bit more like our records Good Luck mixed with How It Goes. Our last release was very positive for us because it was a very positive time – Obama became president, I was going to get married, I moved into a nice apartment and I got two cats. Yet now, the GOP & Tea Party are being insane, I left the chickanna, am living in a cabin on a lake and one of my cats was killed – so this album is a bit less positive. But to be even more truthful for you, we loved the songs of our last record Fluent In Stroll, but the tunes just aren’t as fun to play live. We want that canine licking, biting into lightning vibe back in our tours.

What has been on your mind lately ?

Finishing the record & artwork.
Getting ready for Warped Tour.
Finishing my 3 books & audio book that will be out this summer.
Collecting and splitting firewood for my cabin.
How my ex got pregnant by a guy she just met, how crazy girls are and how I dodge a serious bullet ;)
And my grant application that’s due in July.

What else can we expect From Big D and the Kids Table this year?

Oh just a lot of touring. We should be touring for a little more than a year. Warped Tour – Head Lining Tour then England / Europe.

Big D and the Kids Table Website

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