Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Interview With Sam from Felix and Volcano!

A few weeks back I was listening to the What doth Life Podcast and Kiel played a song by Felix and the Volcano. It made me get up and look for whatever songs I could find online and I found myself listening to these 8 songs that I was able to download for the past week. Since my brain is somewhat together at the moment I present to you the interview With Felix and Volcano!
Felix And Volcano! Past, Present Future. Tell us the whole story?

We began as Sam, Matt and Kristy in summer 2007.  We recorded a demo and played a few shows, then Kristy left.  Then it was Sam, Matt and Sydney in later 2007.  We recorded an EP.  Both of those albums are lost and gone forever because my external hard drive blew up (like, literally caught fire and exploded).  Then it was just me for a while and I recorded the Grow Rich EP in 2009-10.  Then it was Sam, Matt, Austin and Alex.  Then it was Sam, Sydney, Lauren and Alex.  We played a few live shows as a four-piece and it was really cool.  We got to open for Starfucker and The Octopus Project once and that was fun.  Then we took an unintentional break for a really long time because college and jobs got in the way.  Now it's just me and Sydney and we're working on a new album.

If there is a motto or creed you live by what is it?

Don't be a dick?  I dunno, I've never thought about my motto, but that one might work.

If you could create your own zoo what would you put in the cages or exhibits?

I would put zookeepers in it because animal abusers are the scum of the earth.

What are your favorite things to do at a amusement park?

I can't do the spinny ones because I get super nauseous, so I like rollercoasters and those ones that go up and then drop.

What are some of the subjects you write about in your songs?

I write about human experience, using metaphors from books or philosophers or my personal life.  

Tell us about one of your oddest experiences you've ever encountered?

Just a few days ago, I was driving back to my parents' house, and I saw this dude dancing to his iPod on an island in the middle of an intersection.  He was shirtless and had a terrible sunburn, and was wearing olive green cargo shorts, golf gloves, sunglasses, and a bucket hat.  He was mouthing the words into an umbrella.  That was at 1pm.  When I drove back at 8pm, he was still there.

What are some things that you have become obsessed with over the years?

I don't obsess over things.  I think it's kind of unhealthy.

Give us a random recipe that you enjoy making ?

Great question!  I love making the Vegan Black Metal Chef pad 

Tell us whatever is on your mind that you would like to share!!!!

I wish my orange juice had more pulp, and we're releasing an album very soon.

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