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Interview With Mr.Ryan Hebert

Them boys at What Doth Life are busy little campers. Recently Mr. Ryan Hebert released a album entitled "The Earth" and I would have to say it is a pretty damn good album to listen to over and over again and again. Any album you can find yourself singing or humming along to is well worth the share so you are not the only one doing it. Well hope you enjoy this interview and I hope it brings you a little closer to this man and his music!

Give us more insight on every track off of your new release The Earth?.!.


Nov4- this is actually inspired by Obamas election.  Its one of my less-abstract songs and in that, less narcissistic.  There was such an excitement at the time of him getting in.  a lot of that excitement has been replaced by anxiety and distress but I still enjoy him as a leader.  The end of it, with the soaring, reverbed out vocals and nonsensical coos is excitement, the feeling you cant put words to, sonically expressing myself with a bunch of pretty noise is my preferred medium when I am excited. So I guess this is my political statement as an artist! Thank you for giving me this socialist platform, Fred!

Misty- this song furthers a 30 second fantasy about a girl I saw online, on some pin up girl site or something.  In this fantasy, we lived in California, but longed for new England.  Drove around in classic cars and made love to AM radio.  The wind blew through our hair and we ate In and Out while wearing fun sunglasses.  She had to die young to stay that beautiful.

I don’t mind- this was originally going to be an a separate release as I recorded it on a broken nylon guitar with 4 strings.  The EP was going to be 4 songs, played on 4 strings but I wanted to use a few for this release as it’s a newer song.  As with many of my lyrics, they are not about something or someone (despite the last 2 songs) but are about me not comprehending something and using the song to figure it out.  Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t.  at the end of I don’t Mind, I am left with more questions than answers.

Want it- this is my attempt at a universally accepted pop song.  Christ, listen to those synths on the chorus!  The building up and tearing down of a relationship is pretty universal.  Jangling guitars and those synths wrap this song in a pretty warm blanket.  I like the monotone delivery of the chorus though, almost like I have already given up on her, which I did.

Xali- this is a fuzzed out, zen-dream of a love song.  It is a bit possessive, which I am as well.  Its muffled and buried and recorded on a .99 cent microphone.  I love the cheap, blown out sound of this one.  Its not for everyone but I think the true heads out there will get it.  Its one of my more rewarding tunes, I think.

Bottled rage will do- a meditation on not knowing what to do with your hands; the lack of a target for your anger; hating yourself; looking to her for answers

Interlude (reprise)- this was played at the beginning, didn’t you hear? You didn’t!? it has been playing all along.  Lets revisit it.  There.  Now do you hear?  It has always been here.

fYn- this one is for my 20 something brothers and sisters.  Its about finding your own slice of heaven now that the American dream is dead. Good luck!

Apply nightly- ride the waves of the collective consciousness; long for a peace that you will never find without it. Stop trying so hard.

Physical Therapy- I had some back problems a few years ago that sprung up sometimes and would require drugs.  These drugs made me woozy (the constant, drunken synth-wave).  

Between euphoria and dissident nerve pangs (meandering guitar lead, occasionally resolving to a beautiful interval), I found this song to be applicable to my physical state
The broken and decayed- I lived in new York city, the culmination of the dreams of a younger ryan.  Living there was great and I loved it at the time but didn’t see it as a long term plan.  There was a bit of a constant existential crisis while living there that I think this song speaks to pretty successfully.

Tasting blood- this is a slightly rehashed version that I had put on the internet in 2006 I believe. I want this song to be in a movie starring Paul Rudd, where he plays an insecure butcher, just looking for peace of mind, but his neuroses get the best of him. Every instance where he feels good about cutting the perfect steak is countered by something terrible happening to him.  No one really pays attention to him but he is happy enough anyway.  Directed by P.T. Anderson

Hollywood or Bollywood? And why?
Hollywood because it has Michael Bay in it.  Bad Boys 2 is the finest film of all time!

What was your favorite thing to do when you were 7 years old? Is it still relevant today?
I was really into tree houses!  I never had my own, but friends and I would make little ones or play in theirs and I was so obsessed.  I will absolutely be building my child a tree house.  Also, I grew up on military bases so we were really into secretly using walkie talkies, which was quite prohibited!  I don’t talk on walkie talkies nearly enough anymore, so those are less relevant.

 Have you ever been arrested ? If so what was the crime you committed?

No, I have not! God, im boring.  My friend Amos and I did go down to the poliece station when we were in high school and asked them to take mug shots of us for the yearbook.  They totally did and they looked pretty legit, but the school wouldn’t let us put them in the yearbook 

What is the most favorite live performance you've ever went to?

I have seen a lot of very memorable live shows but I think I will have to say seeing Bjork the first time.  It was July 2003, on Coney Island with Sigur Ros opening up.  It was so hot but the ocean air cooled us off, it was in that ball field down there so it was very open.  Her live band included Matmos, a terrific electronic duo, and they really kicked the songs up a notch.  EVERYONE was dancing and singing along.  It was absolutely perfect and to top it off, there were fireworks and lots of pyrotechnics going on!

Tell us a bit about your other current projects or bands you are working on/with?

With other folks: I am producing and play guitar in Giant Travel Avant Garde and we are in the middle of recording a full length record we have been rehearsing for for awhile.  I used to play drums but now we have a way better drummer and these songs have come together really wonderfully.  So far, it sounds HUGE. Very pumped!  I have the skeleton of a band with Caleb Thomas, a great singer from Woodstock to get some sort of folk punk thing together.  My other band, The Jobz, will be recording an EP soon of some new songs.  There are a few other projects on the back burner as well, including more Beast Meats free/noise stuff.  Putting out the Earth has really made me more enthused to put out more of my own music. I am a few songs in on a new record or some other release in the future.  I am hoping the shared music project we are heading up takes shape nicely as well! Submissions welcome!

What is the most disturbing article or interview you had read lately that disturbed you or enlightened you ?

Well, its sad to say, because I am not totally blind to the injustices of the world, nor do I always have my head in producing music but I did love the recent Pitchfork interview with Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine, in regards to the new re masters of their albums.  He is my #1 inspiration for music production and just knowing how he is never satisfied with his products despite them being so great and important is so admirable to know.  It helps my excuse my flaws, probably more than I should but its inspirational.  He talked about a lot new technology vs. old and how it effects production.  This stuff has been said before, but I love his take on it.
Who's your favorite holiday mascot?

Pervert Santa

Anything else you'd like to share???

Thanks so much for the interview!  Fred is such a great addition to the upper valley scene! Love the blog and Pliable Tones! Keep UV Weird!
You can stream/download for pay-what-you-will my record, The Earth at

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