Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Interview WIth Xenia Rubinos

When I'm awake all night, I just search for new music all night and come across a lot of interesting artists. One evening I came across Xenia Rubinos and was loving her blend of Latin, Soulful music with a touch of jazz and other blends of music styles. It really brought me to my little happy place in my mind. Hopefully you'll get the same feelings after checking her out. Here is a little interview that I was able to get with her. Enjoy!

Can you tell us a bit about the Early version of you ? When did you first start writing and Recording music?  When did you know it was time to get more people involved?

The early version of me was kind of shy oddly enough, mostly always by myself- imagination station, saving everything i found, mumbled made up stories and sang songs, making piano music for scary movies when i was 5. Hmm, about getting more people involved, it was just a matter of wanting to get the music I was making played outside of my bedroom.

I notice your music is very Ecclectic. What are your favorite styles to play around with?

When I make music, I'm just a kid playing and following the ideas down the rabbit hole as they come so I'm not really thinking about styles at all. 

Your video for "Hair Receding" is quite interesting can you tell us how you collaborated with Director Francesco Lettieri and how the process went with it?

It was a fun and risky shoot which I worked on in collaboration with my co-producer/drummer Marco Buccelli and the uber-talented director Francesco Lettieri. It highlights a day in the life of my amazing grandmother Carmen. You find out more about the video here: http://xeniarubinos.com/2012/06/08/the-making-of-hair-receding-video/

What would be the oddest sample you used while creating music?

Not sure what exactly constitutes "odd" but there's a door opening and closing at the beginning of "Whirlwind", I don't consider it odd but I guess some might. It's just a door that has this kind of elephant quality to it, the tone swings up and down. I recently had fun learning how to sing one of my sampled phrases backwards and re-recording it, sounds good, still working out where it wants to go.

If you can mix and match any animal together what would your combination be from head to feet or tail?

I find the idea of this terrifying, and before reading this I was hungry but just lost my appetite, thanks!
Top half male peacock (head/feathers/body), bottom half horse- a whole herd of those might look really majestic. 

What is on your mind at this very moment?

I'm wondering what is with the hybrid animal question you just asked me, and also wondering where you're from and who you are.

What would your dream collaboration be?

My awake/daytime brain with my sleeping dream, surreal brain.

What are some of your interests or projects outside music realm?

I am afraid of the sea, but really want to dive or explore in a submarine- I'm kind of obsessed with it. Also, I'd like to plant things, cultivate some kind of garden space.

Tell us what will you will be up to in the upcoming year....

Writing new music, playing, touring, experimenting!

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