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A few Old Interviews I've done 2008 - 2011

Q*Ball Interview  (2008)
What was the first song you had to learn to play?

Oh Jesus, we're going back a-ways.... my earliest recollection of having to play anything in public involved learning to play The Muppet Show theme & The Pink Panther theme on the piano in front of my elementary school's assembly.  That was a lot of pressure for a shy 12 year-old kid.  But Jim Henson & Henry Mancini would've been proud.

Do you think it influenced how you write music today?

Shit, I wish it were MORE of an influence - I was a pretty good piano player when I was younger.  Then I got lazy, then I wanted to play the drums, then I re-discovered keyboards.  Now reading sheet music is still something I can pull off, but it's much more of a headache.  I'm planning to get back into the art of "playing piano" soon.  I can't play anything popular by ear anymore besides "Frosty The Snowman" & the opening lick to Seger's "Old Time Rock N' Roll."

What is your main source of inspiration for the lyrics you write?

Women.  God love 'em.

Who would be your dream line up to work with?

I'm already playing with 2 monsters in Bumblefoot & Chris Pennie, but if I may fantasize further.....The Edge, Trent Reznor, Mike Patton, Thom Yorke, and Boba Fett.

What projects are in the near future for Q*Ball?
I'm pondering a few new projects - something much more mellow & ambient, mostly instrumental, in the vein of Sigur Ros, Portishead.  Don't know if I'll even call it "Q*Ball."  Also working on the next Return To Earth album - it's MUCH heavier than the first one, which I thought was fairly heavy, itself - we're really coming up with some good shit for this one.  I've dedicated so much time to the label over the past year, but I just acquired a Macbook & a Pro Tools rig at home, and I'm psyched to get back to writing.  Time to scratch that itch again.

Tell us about your most recent release on Bald Freak Music? 

We just released Bumblefoot's sixth studio album, Abnormal, on July 1.  We've been absolutely slammed with online orders - his participation in Guns N' Roses, coupled with an already hardcore fanbase, has really put him on the map in the hard rock world.  The label is really small, staff-wise, and we're not as equipped as I'd like to be for a release of this stature, but no one can really complain.  This kind of response is what we've been striving for.  That said, I've had more than a few nervous breakdowns this past month.

What other releases will we be seeing from the label within the year?

New Jersey pirate metallers Swashbuckle will release their second album, "Back To The Noose," in the Fall, and hopefully we'll see the Return To Earth follow-up by year's end, as well.  No timetable for the projects I'm working on in addition, but hopefully soon!

With the popularity of Guitar Hero, have you looked into getting any of your artists to appear on future Guitar Hero or music-related games?
Shit yeah, it's just such a tough nut to crack, tho.  I reached out to Harmonix about getting Bumblefoot on GH2 over a year ago, had a little back-and-forth with them, but the game has gotten so huge over that time, so we were likely steamrolled by the big boys.  The earlier versions were all covers, now everyone's jumping on the bandwagon of that cash cow.  Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.  They're missing out, tho - Guitar Hero without Bumblefoot is like a hot dog without mustard.  The good news is that a new GnR song is making its way onto the next version of Rock Band, so Bumblefoot will get some nice exposure from that.  I haven't played Rock Band yet, myself, but I have all the versions of Guitar Hero - I'm fairly addicted & I've gotten pretty damn good.  Much better at GH than any real

Since you have a label, a lot of bands must be getting in touch with you... are there any local or unsigned bands do you think are worthy of mentioning? 
I have been getting SO many demos lately - some decent, some not-so-decent.  But that comes with the territory.  One band I stumbled upon recently is a local NYC band called The Head Set - they remind me of old U2, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Bowie.  Real polished sound, the singer has serious chops, and really nice guys, too.  They're the best band you've never heard of, check 'em out.

Any advice for future musicians or people trying to form a label...???

Yeah.  Don't do  Get a real job.

Hope Kills Fear Interview (2009)
*Interview was done With Carley Coma
With spreading a christian message with hope kills fear do you think people might look back to Candiria and wonder if it's conflicting lyrical content?

I was at a different point in my life back then, not to mention my thought process was a little different as well. I was still growing in my faith and as a lyricist but still had a ways to go before I got to the point where I'm at now, and I still have a lot of growing to do. Every Candiria album is a reflection of where we were in our lives at that time and now Hope kills fear is a reflection of where I am now as a man. 

With the accident that you guys encountered on the road do you think it brought faith closer to you? 

It definitely did. Knowing you're about to die is powerful experience. You realize how vulnerable you are to circumstance. I believe that God saved my life. I wasn't wearing a seatbelt but still managed to survive the impact of an 18 wheeler tractor trailer slamming into our van at 75 miles per hour,causing our vehicle to flip several times before skidding upside down on an open highway before it stopped. I thank God I'm not in a wheelchair or buried in the earth. I'm extremely grateful for his grace and compassion.

 Musically with Hope Kills Fear will it be just rock/ metal or are you going to fuse different types of musical genres into the songs? 

The musical foundation is rock with some metal but we're very open minded in regards  to trying new things, as long as it makes sense musically. The rock aspect is our guideline but what happens within the song/album will be dictated by the natural progression of writing song.

Have you released any of your material for download or a demo cd for sale yet? 

We have a link on our myspace page that allows you to purchase our ringtones and one of our songs. The url is (gotta love a shameless plug,haha) We're going to be putting up some songs on itunes as well in the beginning of 2009.

What are your thoughts of the current situation the USA is in? 

I think we're in a bit of a mess. We're suffering the consequences of immediate gratification. We live in age where everyone wants everything now,including myself sometimes. We got caught up in looking for a short cut to the short cut instead of laying down a proper foundation for the future and listening to sound judgment. It's not too late though. We just need to keep a watchful eye on ourselves and those we place in power. It all comes down to treating your neighbor the way you would like to be treated and practicing self control in regard to our finances and our desires.

If you could live anywhere outside the USA where would it be and why?

I would probably live in Africa because of the abundant wildlife. I'm obsessed with big cats and Hyenas. Don't ask,lol 

What other projects are you guys involved in? 

I produce and write songs for other bands and artists. I can't jump on stage forever,lol I'm also working on my own solo project. It won't be coming out for a while though. As of now its mostly electronic music but chances are it will evolve beyond that.

Feel free to say whatever you wish???

Thanks for being open minded and hopefully we will all cross paths soon.

The Company Band (2009)
*Interview with Dave Bone
I can't get enough of the few songs you have on the E.P. .... Is there a full length in the works?

Yeah we are pretty close to having all the material tied up and will probably record about 10 songs in December or January with the same producer from the EP, Andrew Alekel. 

I see you guys are playing out in PA .... Is there any possibility of a mini tour? NYC perhaps?

When the full length comes out we'll probably try to squeeze a few shows in, I'm sure NYC will be one of them. I need some Gray's Papaya and I think I have a couple Peepland tokens in my change jar. 

With a album titled "Sign Here, Here and Here" and being called The Company Band do you think people should sign to major labels any more? or just go a indie or D.I.Y route of putting out their music nowadays?

That depends on what your goals are as a band. Ours were rock and drink beer, so we needed amps and a 7-11 more than a label.

I grew up collecting CD's and when your album first came out only digitally It was the first time I even considered downloading a album off of Itunes.... What do you find more satisfying downloading or holding a cd and flipping through it's packaging?

We were just waiting for the cds to be printed - which are available through amazon. comand merchdirect. net - but the most satisfying package to hold is double vinyl! CDs have better sound quality when compared to MP3s and flipping through good artwork is always fun, but convenience is king. 

Elections are coming up.... give me your honest opinion on who you want to be the next president and why?

Randy Savage Macho Man because his top rope elbow drop is just what we need to turn things around. Ooo yeah.

Have any of you ever wanted to be a comic book character... if so what would your powers be?

When I was in 3rd grade I wanted to be Groo the Wanderer, which is the power of idiotic barbarism but now I would say something based on the killer from Slumber Party Massacre Part 2. Which is again the power of idiotic barbarism but with a guitar.

I seen on you tube somebody made a video for the song "company man" .... what are your thought of fans making there own videos to your music?

That guy is awesome. That stuff is always great to see.

I always ask this as the final question... just go off on whatever you want to get out of your head any thoughts you want to release

If you're in the tri-rock area check out the shows coming up in November. Go to www. myspace. com/thecoband for info and links to get TCB'd out. 

Foxy Shazam (2009)
*Interview With Loren
Foxy's songs have very intense and imaginative lyrics. Where does the inspiration to these words come from?
*I know eric comes up with most of his melody’s and lyrical ideas from either taking walks or singing in the shower.

Which do you prefer being on the road or being home and the reasoning why?
* We all love being on the road and being able to preform every night but it is nice to be able to come home and not have to always be some were. But usually after being home for a few weeks you begin to get excited about getting back on the road.

You got a piñata to break open >>> what does it look like and what does it contain?
*A map showing me were the Sasquatch lives.

give us your most intense tour story?
*We really haven’t had anything that intense happen to us. We're pretty low key guys, we're not heavy partiers. But we've had some near van wipe outs such as hitting a patch of ice while going 55mph, that was scary. And one tour we kept having an alternator coming lose causing us to throw a belt every 1000 miles. And we've had to put up with bossy security guards here and there. 

 If you had a chance to be on any cartoon series what would it be and what character would you become?
*I would make my own

I know just introducing foxy is relatively new... when will a new album be in the works?
* We have started to demo songs while were home, we have tons of ideas but its still to early to tell when we would release a new record. Maybe late 2009.

there's a cooking contest .... what type of food do you make to smash in the judge's face?
*chili with tons of peppers! The way the peppers burn his eyes, it’ll be funny.

with so much energy on stage... any major catastrophes or hospital visits?
  • One time Daisy whacked Sky with his bass and busted his head open pretty good, he later super glued it shut.
  • One time Eric punch a hole in his head on accident with a cymbal stand.
  • He also lost a toe nail due to droppin a brick on it. 
  • Joe choked on a chicken wing one time and I got a hang nail and caught a cold during our set.
With touring so much have you found any odd areas or roadside abnormalities that you would of thought you'd never see?

There is this springs in Tallahassee, FL that is pretty cool, its over 70' deep. We also got to witness "THE THING" on the AZ, NM border. I urinated off the Golden Gate Bridge! 

Final words... thoughts??
Three things are square; cheese, plates and bears.


Interview with Kevin Gill Dignified Bastard/Striving For Togetherness Records (2009)
1.Tell us how Dignified Bastard Records came about and what happened to Striving for togetherness?

Dignified Bastard came together in 2006 and released our first CD in 2007. I was still working in the video game industry, but I missed the feeling of doing something strictly for the underground. Dignified Bastard was formed to be a company that could take on cool projects. I wanted to re-issue classic SFT joints; along with new stuff if it came out way, maybe do some clothing, etc. I was talking to Myke from District 9, and they were putting together a series of reunion shows, so it gave us a deadline to work to, and we're happy to say we had the cd's done in time for their shows. I want to thank everyone around the world that has supported Dignified Bastard! You guys are why we do this, and I think the response to District 9, Six and Violence, and No Redeeming Social Value has been AMAZING.

On a side note, one of the first projects I wanted to do was a documentary about independent wrestling, which would have been pretty fresh, but I had two different film crews flake out at the last minute which totally sucked. Frank Pavich (NYHC Documentary) and Scott NRSV (NRSV DVD) were down to pick up the slack for these other flakes, but we couldn't make the dates work so it went on the back burner. 

With SFT, Striving For Togetherness Records was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. I got to live out a lot of dreams, have a lot of fun, travel around the states and Europe, sing for a band, etc It was also pretty tough day to day. I put my whole life into SFT, and had no financial security, was in debt, and was finding when the chips were down, you really find out who your friends are.

I was tired of having no money, and living in a shithole apartment that was also a warehouse and office. I felt really depressed because I had given it my all, and was really disgusted by the "Music Industry" itself. I met with several labels about getting a proper distribution deal, and it was all bullshit. A new indie distributor formed and was gonna take over the world, we put a lot of faith in them, but they ended up flopping and we had no money coming in.

I realized that the reason bands like VOD, 25 TA LIFE, District 9, NRSV weren’t getting signed (at that time) was because the music industry FUCKING SUCKS. It's full of people who hate music and are just bitter ass haters. I didn’t want to be a part of it. What do I do now? 19 records into SFT, still broke as fuck. We sold more records than I ever imagined possible, put a lot of bands on the map, and put it down for HARDCORE for a lot of years. So that's great! 

I've always been into video games and wrestling (Surprise!) and in 1998 we were working on expanding the "Striving Newsletter" into a full on lifestyle magazine covering underground music, games, girls, wrestling, etc. I had been doing some Wrestling Interviews for Chord/All That Magazine in Philly and really loving it. So Basically our magazine was gonna be everything we liked, therefore we could get everything we liked for free, write about what we liked, and all that. It would be perfect.

I was working with a photographer on the magazine and Grand Theft Auto (The Original) had just come out for Playstation 1, I had been waiting a long time for this game to come out, and after our meeting we played it for a few hours. We talked about our desire to interview some people from the gaming industry, as we really wanted to show what it was like behind the scenes in Video Games, and how we never met anyone from the business or even heard of anyone who worked in gaming. How could we break in and meet someone?

As fate would have it, the Photographer (Jenn Macfarlane aka Torpie) went to the Lower East Side that night and met a British dude at a bar. He seemed to like her, and was chatting her up. He mentioned he worked in gaming. She was like, oh really, what games? and he's like "Grand Theft Auto", and Jenn got his name and stuff and contacted me that evening from the bar to confirm he was legit. I always remember opening the Grand Theft Auto manual to look up his name, and his name was like the first in the credits. Like Sam Houser, Executive Producer. So I wrote up an interview for him that night, and Jenn went and met up with him again and did the interview with him in the park. Eventually they started dating, and invited me and Barbara out to dinner. We had a great meal together and a lot of laughs and stories. I had my SFT and NRSV stories of Europe and all that, and Sam had worked for BMG (Huge Media Conglomerate) and had dealt with a lot of colorful people.

I was super interested in gaming, and he had come over to NYC a lot in the late 80's and early 90's and saw several hardcore matinee's at CBGB and he had a lot of respect for the Hardcore scene, so we had a lot to talk about. We had so much fun we were thrown out of the Sake Bar we went to for dinner.

Sam was a very charismatic guy and was just about to make his mark on the world. I was obsessed with the N64 wrestling games and WCW/NWO REVENGE was coming out a few weeks later. Sam offered to get me a FREE COPY of the game, which was great, cuz I sure didn’t have $59.99 or $69.99 for the cartridge at that point. I called him to follow up a week later to touch base with him, and I'll always remember the conversation. It was around 5:30 pm and I was doing mail order. He got on the phone and said "Kevin, What are you doing?" and I was like I'm doing mail-order, getting this order for Japan packed up" and he says "I mean, What are you doing with YOUR LIFE". And I was like, "to be honest, I don’t know anymore". And he says, "Come and Work for me!” So I'm like "OK!” He said, "When can you be here?" And I was like well, it's 5:30 now, if I take the subway I can be there by 7pm, or I can hop on the railroad and be there at like 6:30. And he's like "NO! I mean when can you start" and I'm like whenever you want.

Unbeknownst to me, Sam and his small team of guys had just gotten funding from Take Two Interactive to launch a new videogame company. I was one of the original handful of employees for what would be a cultural revolution, Rockstar Games. During the interviews and stuff, they were concerned that I would be 100% dedicated to this new project. I told them I had no problem walking away from the label for this new opportunity. Plus, I was going to get paid to work. I hadn’t experienced that in years. So at that point I was thrilled to get a new chance at life, and a new chance to succeed. I worked with incredible people and learned a lot from everyone there, it was a great couple of years.

I had a Christmas show set up at Under Acme that I told them I was still gonna do, and that was my last show (That I put on) for a long while. It was the amazing NECK, and then due to politics, I actually had to go "Outside of SFT" to get a headliner and got E-Town Concrete. I can’t remember who else played that day, but it was called "The Nightmare Before Christmas” with me DJ'ing and NECK fucking destroyed. E-Town was very cool too. To be honest, a lot of people had bad stuff to say about E-Town at the time, and I said I'm not going to go by what everyone else says, I'm going to talk to these guys, treat them professionally, and see how it goes. They were 100% pro, did the show for their guarantee, and were cool to deal with.

So, basically Rockstar saved my life. All the music industry scumbags and such who just wanted to exploit our stuff and cherry picked our bands and ideas didn’t believe in me enough to do anything with me other than try to exploit me. But these Rockstar guys put their money where there mouth was and believed in me, and gave me a shot doing what I love, and 10 years later I'm still grateful. So basically, that was the end of SFT. I started paying back money to people I owed, and got a fresh apartment, and could afford to eat food and go places.. Life was good.

2. I picked up the NYHC documentry .. finally after all these years a official copy... and you were one of the interviews... How was it being involved in that project and putting out the soundtrack?

Wow. Yep, it's finally official!!! Being involved in the NYHC documentary is also one of the best things that ever happened to me. There was this awesome scene going on in NYC at the time. SFT was in full swing, the bands were killing it, In Effect was writing about it, etc. Shit was tight. It's similar to the Rockstar thing. Frank Pavich (The Filmmaker) was a friend of mine; we met and bonded over Six and Violence demos. I was so blown away by what was going on in New York Hard Core at the time, but I started putting out records cuz none of these awesome bands could get a break, so we created an opportunity. And we got no love or props from anyone outside of our scene. I would talk to Frank all the time, and send him mix tapes and stuff, and he was so blown away by what was going on he decided to put his life savings into flying a film crew to NYC for a week or two and filming all this in the summer of 1995. It's funny that Frank could see how amazing this shit was, I could see it, and the fans could see it. But the A+R staff at all these big labels were too worried about putting out some shitass rather than the real deal. "If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, did it happen?" That's the question, and shit needs to be documented or it does not exist. Thank god for the NYHC documentary, for In Effect Magazine, and for SFT records! These memories can now live forever. Being involved in the film was great, and putting out the soundtrack was an honor. Frank captured a moment in time that is truly magical. I wish it were still like that today. Also, I just found a box of ORIGINAL NYHC SOUNDTRACKS SEALED IN THE BOX from TEN YEARS AGO!!! We're doing a special "get the movie DVD and original soundtrack together" at Dignified Bastard for a limited time!

3. Which wrestling organization do you think you follow the most.. and which is your favorite?

Wow. I follow wrestling in general, worldwide. I actually read three weekly newsletters (Actual paper in your mailbox) to stay up on every detail. Attendance #'s, Merchandise Sales, Ratings By Quarter, behind the scenes drama, etc. I read the Wrestling Observer, PW Torch, and Figure 4 Weekly. I would say that ECW in the 90's was my favorite era in wrestling. I got back into wrestling because of ECW in 1996. I had dropped out for a # of years because the product got so bad. I've been hooked ever since. I think in general I follow the WWE the most, they have the most stuff going on in terms of shows, talent, etc...I really enjoy the stuff they are doing with Edge and Undertaker, the Santino Marella stuff is hilarious, and the Randy Orton return has been handled real well... I also watch a ton of vintage stuff, like tv episodes of wrestling from the early 80's, and watching "Shoot Interview" dvd's with everyone who ever laced up a pair of boots. Wrestlng is just the perfect blend of theatre, drama, sports, music, and sexy chicks. I'm proud to say I actually made a living off wrestling for several years when I was doing the Backyard Wrestling games for Eidos, I literally would eat, sleep, and breathe wrestling 24-7. Now, I do it 22-6... hahahaha... I think WWE is working hard to keep it fresh and exciting.... and TNA.. They have some great talent, but the booking/creative is the weak link. Have a new vision. Being WCW Thunder in 1999/2000 isn’t something you should aspire to be. However, there are some great people down there. I always hated Jeff Jarrett until I met him. He's such a likeable guy, that I can't front, and his history in the business speaks for itself. Their women's division is great; Samoa Joe was great until booking crippled him. Curry Man is outstanding, AJ styles is amazing Abyss is a fresh dude, and although he recently left the company, I got to shout out my buddy Scott D'amore who is a great trainer/manager/agent/producer in wrestling and someone I always enjoy traveling down the road with.

4. what are some of the future releases on Dignified bastard?

Well, we have District 9, Six and Violence, and No Redeeming Social Value out now... and we're working on some shiz for 2009 now. Our next project is going to be a BOOK! We just signed a deal with IN EFFECT magazine to publish the complete/best of In Effect Magazine in book form. You can now relive and re-read the greatest era in hardcore history see the original pages, photo's, interviews, etc...We'd like to get some other stuff out next year too. Documenting Hardcore and preserving it's memory and best times is a huge part of what DB is all about, so with so much cool hardcore stuff going on, it just felt like the time was right, so we worked out a deal with Chris Wynne! If anyone wants to distribute our cd's or books please drop us a line at Other than that, who knows, anything can happen!!! I wanted to do a Without A Cause Discography CD, we’ll see if Lenny can dig up the tapes. What’s funny is back at the height of SFT, I offered Lenny Fahrenheit a book deal when he was at his most Rollins-Esque, but he ended up deciding he wasn’t up for writing a book of his thoughts. I still think this was a missed opportunity into the mind of Lenny.

5. have you ever wrestled in a luche libre match? if so how did it go?

hahaha. I have never wrestled a proper pro match, although me and Pete The Meat tore the house down at a No Redeeming BBQ one year, and "fought" on stage around the world... I once monkey flipped a drunk German into a wall after a NRSV show in Germany...For the record I did referee a "Lucha Libre Arm Wrestling Match" on the radio here in Cali a few months ago.
I have refereed lucha libre matches though... The first time I ever ref'd, it was in a bull ring at a Mexican Festival, and the crowd totally hated the "Gringo" ref... There was a production glitch, and I was standing in the ring for about 5 minutes before the first match came out, and people were trying to hop over the railing to get me. I kept pointing to the Mexican Flag on my ref shirt, but it didn’t work. No Pop. Violent J from Insane Clown Posse put me on as a ref and gave me a break in the business. Since then, I've ref'd all around the county for ICP's Juggalo Championshit Wrestling (JCW) as well as here in the bay area for Fog City, Brawl, and Respect The Business. I've had the opportunity to be in the ring with Roddy Piper, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Raven, Tracey Smothers, Vampiro, ICP, Mad Man Pondo, Tito Santana, Greg Valentine, Necro Butcher, Rikishi, Tonga Kid, Human Tornado, Ian Rotten, Insane Lane, ODB, Bobcat, Mickie Knuckles, Akira Raijin, Weedman and Billy Bong, 2 Tuff Tony, Corporal Robinson, Bull Pain, Pogo the Clown, Jake the Snake and so many many many many more. I really, really enjoy being a ref, and it's great to work with these legends, and be able to contribute to the show. I recently ref'd my first barbed wire light tube match, where the ropes are replaced with Barbed Wire!

6. I see you made the move to the west coast.... do you miss NY?

I always say that I don’t miss NY itself as much as I miss some of the people. Some of my dearest friends live in NYC, and my family and stuff, and I miss all of em.. they need to come out here and visit more. Whenever I visit NY, i always have A BLAST, and I will say that love that everything is open until 4am. The city never sleeps. In San Francisco, if you try to eat dinner after 9:30pm your pretty shit outta luck unless you go to an all night spot. Bars here close at 2am, and other shit closes earlier. It's a great city though. Big Ups to the BAY AREA! Beautiful city, it's small and walk able, they got crazy weed here if your into that, and it's all medical weed and you can get a prescription real easy and be able to walk into a store and buy ounces of crazy weed...LEGALLY. I've seen some of the NRSV guys try to sign over their cars to the weed spots when they are out here... so NYC is the bomb and always will be... But I got burned out on the city, I was there my whole life, and it felt good to get out of the city and get out here where it's chill. The weather is mellow, and all that. You can always come home, ya know? I love when NY bands come to town out here. I'll hang out with my brothers from Sick Of It All and I’ll get my New York accent back for a week or so...

7. Can you tell us one of your most favorite memories with any of the bands you had on stage experiences with?

Wow. Well, I have a couple here, gotta think long and hard. Can I share a few chronologically?
-Murphy's Law. Murphy's Law caught my ear at a young age, and they epitomized everything I thought a hardcore should be. One of the most incredible live bands ever. Their attitude, style, lyrics, everything hit the nail right on the head. I used to drive to any Murphy’s Law show within a few hundred miles to see em play. I had the thrill of jumping on stage with Jimmy belting out a line or a verse whenever I could. I've seen Murphy's Law play over 100x and wish I could see them 100 more times. My favorite memory is probably standing on stage in DC or Virginia and Jimmy says to me “Kevin Gill, we need more beer!” and hands me an empty pitcher. The venue is PACKED and I look out from the stage and there’s no way to get to the bar on the opposite side of the room. So Jimmy commands the audience “Pass Kevin Gill back to the bar” and they passed the pitcher and me back to the bar to refill it and bring it back for the guys. I was lucky enough to get to know Jimmy and the guys and I can’t give them enough props. When I was recording my first record (Stick Figure-SFT 5) Jimmy came into Don Fury studios and sang on two songs with me. Rock and Roll dreams do come true.

-Without A Cause/Fahrenheit 451
They became Fahrenheit 451, and besides some members, they shared a tradition of letting KG rock the mic. I used to always sing the last verse of "Nation Of Neglect" at Without a Cause shows. I always remember doing it at Rockin’ Rex in Yonkers, and Studio One in Newark. The mighty MONDO from Fahrenheit used to have me do Myke’s Rhymes from “No More Promises” on the road and when Myke wasn’t there. I still have a picture in my kitchen of Me and Armando belting it out at the TLA in Philadelphia!

Six and Violence-
One time there was a show where 25 Ta Life, VOD, NRSV, and 6 & Violence (And possibly Fahrenheit) played a show at the Tune inn in Connecticut to hardly any people, and somehow I ended up filling in for one of the singers from 6&V and let’s just say, I set new levels for intoxication on this nite. The 14 yeat old audience was not amused.

No Redeeming Social Value
On the first NRSV European tour, I would usually come up near the end, and bust out “NEW 64”. That was super amazing to do, and was the highlight of each day. Then Mike (vocals)left the tour in the middle of the night and I sang for the rest of the tour. We also added “What’s Going On?” by Sick of it All to the set for my “spotlight” song. My Lou from Sick of It All impersonation was at an all time high at this point. Crazy Europeans would grab your legs and drag you into the audience while your signing, and pour shots in your mouth. My first night singing for NRSV we ate our weight in Pasta and Wine before the show, and midway through, I knew it wasn’t going to stay down. I told Dean to go into “All I ask” which Is his spotlight track, and they usually do it a few times in a row, so I ran off and threw up 150 pound of Pasta and Wine, and returned as they ended the song and we did the next song!

-Insane Clown Posse
These guys have such an incredible, incredible, live show. I really got into them in 1996/1997 when my Intern Tom Natale brought me a VHS tape called Strangle mania that was sent to his college radio station. It was a Japanese Death match tape with Mick Foley, Terry Funk, Onita, but with ICP doing the commentary. It was, the freshest thing I ever saw. There was a music video tacked on the end of the wrestling, and it was for Chicken Huntin’. I was hooked. On the NRSV tour of Europe, I can be heard shouting out “Lama-Nama-Noo-Mee” on the break in Sanity. Anyway, I went to the Gathering Of The Juggalo’s and joined ICP on stage for the closing songs of the set in front of thousands and thousands of juggalos and sprayed soda, and threw, bounced, and kicked soda bottles into the frothing crowd and celebrated an amazing performance. To stand on a stage that big and in front of a crowd that large, with a group as fresh as ICP was truly an outstanding moment. Big shout out to ICP and don’t believe the HATE. ICP are the shit and you should check ‘em out. 

8. what would be your ultimate dream show...

Wow, My Ultimate Show would be a 2 or 3 day festival.

Guns N Roses
Insane Clown Posse
Iron Maiden
Billy Joel
Green Day
Faith No More
Sublime (Back From The Dead)
Minor Threat
Sick Of It All
Cro-Mags Reunion
Public Enemy
Murphy’s Law
Everlast/House Of Pain
Invisible Scratch Pickles
Prong Reunion
Black Train Jack
Kool Keith (Performing Dr Octagon Debut Album)
Anthrax (Original Lineup)
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles
Dark Lotus
Jeru The Damaja
Tech N9ne
Nuclear Assault
Wu Tang Clan
Suicidal Tendencies
Gorilla Biscuits
Killing Time
Biohazard (Songs from first album only)
Hazen Street
Shadow’s Fall
Cavalera Conspiracy
Mucky Pup
25 ta Life
Fahrenheit 451
Blaze Ya Dead Homie
Dizzee Rascal
Six and Violence
District 9
Romantic Gorilla

Electronic Late Night Stage:
Bassbin Twins
Basement Jaxx
Groove Armada
Ming and FS

9. final words ... thoughts??

Wow, well thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts and such! To everyone out there reading this, thanks for your time! Hardcore inspired me to aim higher than the hand I was dealt, and I’m living proof that you can accomplish your dreams if you really try hard and make it happen. To all the bands that got me through my early days, either with their music or with their friendship or both. I want to say thank you to everyone I’ve worked with along the way, and everyone who helps out and is fresh. Please support Dignified Bastard so we can continue to do this!!!! PLEASE add dignified bastard to your myspace myspace. com/dignifiedbastard

The Fuxedos (2009)

We recently taped a performance for the new "Gong Show" on Comedy Central. Here's a peek at a questionnaire we were required to complete:

> How long have you been doing this?
Since the mid-13th century. The Fuxedos had our first gig in 1251 AD, on a fiefdom on the outskirts of what later became Antwerp, Belgium. Wait, no -- 1252. In October. On a Thursday, I believe.
> How did you find out you had this talent?
Whilst my mother carried my five month-old fetus in her womb, my father slaughtered the family Pomeranian and read its entrails, per family custom. The results foretold my inexorable future -- a future of brutal carnage, soul-crushing despair, and rock 'n roll.
> What does your family/friends think?
I'm still nurturing and developing my telepathic abilities, so at the moment, their thoughts still transmit as hazy, formless, sort of ghostly quasi-"images", for lack of a better word. But they speak of my band in the kind of hushed tones ordinarily reserved for the greatest of spiritual leaders -- men like Krishnamurti, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and the Reverend Robert "Bob" Tilton.
> Worst/best thing thing that has happened doing this?
Worst: Spleen fell out on-stage. Mucho embarrassing! Had to stick it back in abdomen and hope no one saw -- especially music industry types.
Best: Killed a man on-stage; crowd thought it was "part of the act." Still no charges pressed!
> What are you going to do with the prize money when you win?
Besides the obligatory tranny-hookers-and-PCP ten-day bender? Well, I'm a breeder of those adorable, genetically-modified pygmy emus (now available at www. pygmy-emus. com), so I'll probably invest in some new gene-splicing technology.
> Do you have a day job?
Day jobs are for suckers. At one time, though, I was a freelance consultant/facilitator for weekend Civil War Re-enactment retreats. I also used to sell adverbs on E-Bay. Plus I once burned down a Starbucks in Encino for two hundred bucks (cash).
> Do you have a specific intro that you want used?
How 'bout something like:
"Our next act is America's favorite apocalyptic-comedy-lounge-punk-jazz-storytelling-freakout-wh
at-the-hell?-art rock band. They're currently at work on their debut CD, which should be completed by this fall. Ladies and gentlemen: The Fuxedos!"

David Liebe Hart and Adam Papagan (2009)
Interview done by Adam Papagan.
I find your music to have a unique sound. Where type of music genres do you get your inspiration from?
      David and I are both big Beach Boys and Carpenters fans.  During the recording of "public access" i would play a lot of outsider stuff for David, too, to sort of give him inspiration to be himself on record.  He really likes Daniel Johnston.  i showed him the movie and we wrote a song about it which didn't make the record.  i like a lot of different kinds of music, so i tried to make the album as eclectic as possible.  some of my favs are the shaggs, frank zappa, rilo kiley, and Jonathan Richman.
David you've been doing a show with puppets teaching kids for years>>> What religion do you practice and what would be the most important lesson it taught you?
     David was raised as a christian scientist, but regularly attends lutheran and presbyterian services as well.  having known david for about five years now, i would say religion has taught him to have faith that things will get better and to not give up on your dreams.
With your CD currently out... have you been touring .. any odd experiences while on the road?
     we've only done a handful of shows around town.  one time we played at an irish pub and james quall opened for us.  needless to say, his set killed.
What are your thoughts on extraterrestrial life forms and have you had any encounters?
     david absolutely believes in extraterrestrials.  he was abducted by greys in the 60s, met a korendian woman at the la brea tar pits 12 years ago, and regularly has contact with the omegans. he also knows a lot about the manusians and the rafalians.
What are some of your future projects?
     we're doing an album with a full band probably in janurary, or when ever we can raise enough money to do it. also, we've recently started writing songs for people for $150.
With being on Tim and Eric's awesome show have you had any crazed fans track you down in LA..?. Has it opened your fanbase to a much wider audience?
     david's audience has been growing for decades, but the exposure on t&e has really helped a lot.  his phone number is all over the internet, so he gets calls from fans all the time.  one time i called him and he had convinced some fans to drive hime to the hollywood collectibles and autograph show in burbank.  another time he had some over hooking up his new tv.
Here's your time to release thoughts on your mind... whatever you want to let everyone know..........
     david is looking for someone to put his sheet music on the internet. also, tshirts, paintings, drawings, and songs are available through our myspace page.

Caring Babies (2011)
Interview with Matt Mazur

How is Christopher Mullen doing? / Have you visited her again?

Christopher Mullen is still around, but she moved from Jamaica Plain up to Thetford. I am probably going to make a video with her in a week or two, but I haven't really seen her in many months. She is a spectacular cat, I tell you. 

How many Members does Caring Babies consist of? I saw a live performance on you tube and there seems to be a lot going on the stage. 

Yeah, I'd say the audience is always making the shows better, which is why we have a lot going on. Since the beginning, The Caring Babies were me, Redgei and Muffles. There's Redgei who joined at our first show. We both like coffee and donuts so it worked out pretty well. Muffles really doesn't go to shows for safety's sake, but he's a wiz with the computer software. They are both kind of inanimate, but they always help me out. I think that if anyone really wants to be in the band, they probably can be. 

What toppings do you Like on your Pizza? 

Hmm, I'd like to get a vegetable...maybe mushroom and onion. Really there isn't a pizza I don't like though, unless it doesn't have hardly any salt. I once ate pizza just about every day for a year and a half and I never once got sick of it. I have to say, one of my ultimate favorites is cheese pizza that got cooked 4-8 minutes too long, that is the best! 

Do you have any other projects that you are working on at the moment? 

The other band I'm in is The Law Abiders. We mostly play when it's dark out. The Law Abiders are my friends Austin Katie and Levi and me. We started earlier last year as The Lion Kings, but we had to change our name before someone sued us. I was in a band called Portrait with Austin a few years back, and he is simply incredible. Levi and I were in The Foodstamps, The Yarbles, The Dead Rats, Bombs Away, The Cupcakes, and he is one of the greatest band members of all time. Katie took up playing bass right before we started this, but she's already better than I am. We play punk rock and roll all the time. 

Which shape are you and what hole would you fit in ? 

I think I'm cool shaped. All I know is that there a place out there where I go, and it probably looks cool, like a star or a dinosaur shape. 

When will your next performance be? 

My friend Joey Pizza Slice is having a record release party on the 22nd of January. It is going to be at The Wedge up in Burlington, VT. The Wedge is a cool basement to play in. I always think basement shows are the greatest because you're in a hole somebody dug in the earth, and the people around you are all friends with each other, and maybe with you as well. 

Please give us a mission Statement!!!!!!! 

All the people I really look up to made me feel like I could make music or do art. That is what I hope to accomplish, to make people feel like they can do art, and do it any way that they want. I think that people need fun as well. Being at a show is a way to have fun with a bunch of people that you may or may not know that well. I hope to play a lot more shows in my day. 

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