Monday, March 14, 2011

Interview with Giant Travel Avant Garde

The name of your band is epic. How would describe your music to someone who never heard it?

Luke-Short songs.A lot of them start with the E Chord.

Ryan-Fuzzy pop nestled between sheets of sparse pleasantries and out-there experimentation.

Brendan- Frustrating, nirvana wannabes.

You released two CD's in 2010.. When's the new album coming out ? Also are you sticking in the same direction with your music ?

Ryan- A new 12 song album is expected to be done late spring/early summer. Although there is always an evolution with songwriting we are honing down more to 'what works' best for us. Im thrilled with the juxtaposition in our most recent direction of short catchy pop songs mixed with the more improvisational based elements.

Brendan -Im hoping it sounds watery-er and messy-er as thats what i think we sound like in practice.

If you had to live in a store for a week what one would you camp out at and why?

Luke-Wal Mart.1)So I could pass out communist leaflets and 2)They have everything you could possibly need or want.

Ryan-The Sharper Image has so many different vibrating toys and chairs, ways to tell the weather, bbq accessories and fun bullshit, i would be entertained well beyond 1 week!!

Brendan - Vermont Salvage in White River because I feel like the secrets of the universe are in there somewhere

I know you guys play in different bands... Can you tell us a little something about your other projects?

Luke-I do a good amount of solo And I collaborate with my friends in recording projects such as I Love Jounal,Chinese Death Room and Colour En Bloc.

Ryan- I play Drums in Hannah and the Wooden Spoons. It is piano driven singer/songwriter stuff by a girl Hannah Hoffman. I really enjoy playing drums for her, setting a mood for her songs and such. Its quite different than GTAG so I get to play around a lot within the more rigid song structure. There are more rules, which I need sometimes. I have also played guitar for years in a band called Heavy Winged, a noise/improv/drone band. We started in brooklyn but all moved away. We get together once a year or so to record and tour. Our newest record streams on the Type label site at: I also work on electronic music under 'civildawn'. I also produce a few demos and such for people here and there and have a few more bands/projects I work on. Too many!

Brendan- Bass in giant travel, The Pilgrims (fun mrgoodtimes rock), the demons (rollacosta). guitar in ralph (windsor yumcore) and The Jobz(going to bring it back yall). drums in beast meats (someday released projectile w/ rhebert). all things in the strawberries (with luke C) occasional filmaker for music videos and bordome as soul bank/ garry poppins.

What are some of the obstacles you had to face finding venues to play around the Vermont/ New Hampshire ?

Ryan- This is a huge issue for us and our crew. There are very few places or even bars that host original music in our immediate area. The ones that are around are at least an hours drive and are hard for us to promote in, as we arent from there. The internet can only get you so far. Playing other towns/cities is great but we are really tryin to cultivate a better local community for original bands to play.

Brendan - We've been asked to play some shows out of our area and when we get there, we play for the other bands and get 14 dollars. this sort of bothers me, but this is pretty much my life experience. I love playing music, but have learned that sometimes its a lot more fun to sit in the practice space and let people come hang rather than going out. playing rock n roll (hell doing art) is a hedonistic venture in its own right, but performance is only fun when the crowd wants to be there. in WRJ, the crowd always wants to be there.

Luke-It's not my job to find venues but sometimes I do have to sit in the car for a good amount of time while Ryan drives us to some distant place.

Finishing off tell us what's on your mind as of lately!?!

Luke-I really want to buy two houses.One for me and one for the spirits that haunt me.

Ryan - I really want to buy a house! Having a dedicated studio space of my own would make me more productive and I wouldnt have to always drag my shit around! Everyone is poor and the country is broke so at least being happy in my own little world would be nice.

Brendan- I have no interest in buying a house.

Giant Travel Avant Garde

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